Let Beauty Treatments Begin


Marketing for Exhibitions

The fashion industry has a long history of using exhibitions to sell their wares. They have a week in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, where they showcase their new lines for every season. Each designer vies to have the best show with the prettiest models. This method of creating sales has been applied to many other industries. Some have industry shows on a yearly basis and use their own local models to enhance their displays. Businesses have found this an increasingly popular way to introduce new products and services.

Car manufacturers spend a great deal of time and effort to produce their yearly auto shows. They bring their newest models for production as well as their latest concept car. Models otherwise known as promo girls, stand by each vehicle. Their job is to showcase the car and respond to questions from potential customers. Their beauty is used as a way to attract buyers to each vehicle. Once the buyers have arrived, the model is expected to have enough information to encourage them to talk to a company representative.

The car industry is not the only one to use this method of enhancing sales and getting buyers to try products. The perfume and makeup industries also use this method. Many department stores have people ready and willing to demonstrate products and help customers with information. Beautiful women are hired to give makeup tips and explain how products are applied. While this is a small scale use, it does mirror the work of those at large show halls.

The work of show halls and exhibition centres has increased largely due to industry shows. Halls and exhibition centres have their own event staff that is fully trained to coordinate shows. The staff consists of sales people who sell booth space to vendors, and support professionals. Supporting vendors from move in, through the show and tear down is important. A smooth running show is necessary to make each vendor’s booth a success. With this goal in mind, the staff is working to ensure customers will return for the show to be held during the next year.